Rosha Interiors Clients and services include interior design supervision and project management. high reputation in UAE, Providing interior design services
Being bias is key and I believe in designing to client’s needs & requirement, although educating them also plays a big role.  I can confidently say that I have the science and experience to deliver and design what is best suitable for the client. ​

A design is meant to advance the quality of life for clients and the public and promote their well being. Interior design is not only about creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, safe, and building code compliant. 

I am an innovative, out-of-the- box thinker who loves to challenge the norm and open new ways of doing things. Better than that, I love helping clients solve existing problem through design.


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Top interior design firm in UAE Rosha Interiors Interior Design Drawings Materials and colors
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Project Management
Interior Design
A project manager takes full responsibility of the project during the construction phase, does the neccessary cordinations between you, architects, engineers, consultant & sub-consultants, collects feedback at every stage, resolves any unexpected issue, ensures your requirements have been met and delivers the completed project on time.

Including Strategic Briefing, Space Planning, Conceptual Design, Interior Drawings, 3D Renders, Material & Finish Specification, as well as Furniture Specification depending on clients requirements.
​Once the design is completed and recieved all its necessary approval for built, we move forward to construction. This service will help you with choosing the optimal materials & finishes in terms of quality & cost effectiveness. 



  1. "Rosha is a creative thinker who seeks to find solutions. She sat down with us and our team many times to develop clear understanding of our operations and current issues before getting into the design phase which was extremely valuable to us."
    Imtiaz Ahmed- CEO of OCT Group
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