A Sustainable Retail Design Concept Proposed to RDC INDEX 2016
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Design Execution

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Awarded the winning title for "RDC 2016", an anual Retail Design competition that is hosted by the INDEX International Design Exhitibition. The proposed concept named "GLAMHEELS" was featured for its sustainable design approach and innovative re-use of up-cycled materials. Also for its mutlifunction furniture design and brand enhancement through visual merchandising.  The concept was jugded by some of the regions giants such as Meraas, Al Futtaim,  Landmark & JLL Mena and out of 300 Entries, shortlisted as the top 4 finalists that had to bring their design to life at the exhibtion. After a successful design execution at INDEX 2016, This concept was chosen as the winning design by the respected judges. 

Design Concept: Display Shelves form a High Heel Shoe & have an attach/ detach mechanism that makes it possible for it to resemble anytype of product. The current set up of display shelves can be detached and new creative set ups can be created to match the seasons fashion trend. Display shelves can also be detached and used as seating at peak hours. Made by up-cycled Oil Drums, Wood Pallet & Ropes.